Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 5: Dr J's Protocol

Okay week 5 is the hardest for me of this current protocol. It's the week where I do everything (everything I did last week with the addition of Bactrim DS and Flagyl later in the week), but only M,W,F, which makes it all bareable.

Adding Bactrim to everything I did last week (see below), brought on some shooting arm pains and a bit of apathy (Bartonella). I am happy to report that NO depression since starting Lamicatal 5 weeks ago. In fact it is exciting to see glimpses of my old self!! My sense of humor and joking are peeking out. I am even feeling a bit more social. I find myself saying things like,"Hey, lets do coffee next week." I am calling people back and sometimes answering my phone! (Only you Lymies would understand.) I am happy to report that I am getting excited about medicine again and accepted a speaking gig in July!!

So as the week went on I added Flagyl. With this I had more nausea, increased shoulder pain, neck/back pain, some sweats (but hardly any), some chills and heat, and definitely more ADD/hyper feeling- which was making it hard to focus. I increased my Lyrica last night (up to 125 mg). This has caused a bit of dizziness- but did sleep well and feel less disorganized today.

I talk with Dr J today about the next protocol. I think we are going to target Bart- while continuing Babs and Lyme forms of treatment. This is crucial to continue hitting all 3. I think that's why many don't get better. This and failure to address detox.

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