Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 2 on Jemsek Protocol

Week 2 was a little rougher as this week I added in Bactrim DS, 1 1/2 tabs on M,W, and F (in addition to the already pulsed Clindamycin and Azithromycin, IV- see below). In addition I do 1000 mg Artemesinin (Allergy Research) twice daily, M,W, F.

I had a little bit of irritability and moodiness and some R foot pain with spasms- primarily at night - all Bartonella symptoms. My R shoulder pain was also worse-- I gradually increased the Lyrica and Lamictal so that these symptoms were controlled.

I like his philosophy that "you should have some Hex, but it shouldn't be unbearable." These medications (Lamictal and Lyrica) have really helped my emotional sate, sleep and over all pain.

On the days off antibiotics I infuse a liter of Lactated Ringers (LR)- which helps me feel great- for the first time I have more stamina and interest in life! Maybe I am no longer chronically dehydrated and the LR also id helping to keep my body from becoming so acidic and toxic.

I am also doing infrared sauna (Dr J suggestion)- twice weekly. I body brush, do 20 mins elliptical and go for a sauna- then home to a detox bath (1 cup baking soda, 1 cup salt) for 20 mins.

Th and F I add in Flagy which is the worst days- more joint pain, some nausea and fatigue- but nothing so bad. The best part is that after the 2 days of Flagyl I have 9 days off all antibiotics!!

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