Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding "the right drug"

I used to think it was a matter of finding "the drug." I now see treatments as a dance. Multiple drugs need to be used against all 3 bugs (Babs, BArt, and Lyme), in unison, so that the immune system can finally get better- they all 3 drag it down and just when you treat one, another raises its ugly head.

I was certain that my 5 months Mepron/Zothro and 18 months Artemesinin cured my Babesia--- well they didn't. It's in my liver and though I no longer have headaches and vertigo it is dragging me down while trying to treat Bart.

I think the best Bart drug is Levaquin and Dr J is planning to use it IV (which is very nauseating) - but we will pulse it in on M,W, F with drugs for Babesia and Lyme. Rifamipicin and its related cousins are also excellent for Bart. And Bactrim is good for Bart and hits Babs. Most drugs have cross cover coverage.

I really do think that the answer is going to be high doses, multiple drugs pulsed alternate days with drug holidays. I plan to work to develop satellite centers so that such treatments can be available to all. Currently most LLMD's are unable to offer unusual treatments but we can push for research using such therapies.

Please have any doctors interested in being part of research protocols with pulsed therapies, IV or oral, contact me at

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