Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 3 on Jemsek Protocol

Week 3 was the best ever! I felt great within a day or 2 off antibiotics. I felt normal again. Needed less sleep, more motivated and interested in things. I cleaned and organized. Ate well and basically rejoined the human race. Yes, I still have some joint pain- primarily my R shoulder and R hand at night and I did have a faint night sweat toward the end of the week. But it was SO nice to see who I am without antibiotics and Herxes.

This week, off antibiotics, is important as it is allowing my immune system (and liver) to recover some. I am hoping that these antibiotic breaks will stimulate my immune system to recognize some of the bugs swimming around and get "interested" in "doing something about it." These antibiotic holidays also let me see what symptoms remain- it is clear to me that I still have Babesia (sweats), and of course the Bart and Lyme but I am gaining control of my life! I can now plan and know that during drug holidays I can plan to be more social and reliable. This is huge for a chronic Lyme patient.

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