Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 6: Dr J's Protocol

So this was the second time I had a week without antibiotics. It was for the most part, GREAT!!! I don't think I could ever go back to daily medications. I had energy and did things like shop for clothes (first time in a year!), invite people for dinner, and well just woke up happy.

Last time off antibiotics I felt pretty well (except for some persisting shoulder and joint pains) for about 4 days -then sweats, fatigue and noise intolerance set in. This time I made it to 6 days. By the 6th day I was more fatigued, more noise intolerant, and feeling more withdrawn and moody.

The 6th night we had guests over for dinner and I was okay but as the night wore on I could feel myself getting quieter and more withdrawn. I became very noise intolerant and asked people to keep their voices down. Suddenly, I just had to leave the room and started to feel "crazy" and tearful and paranoid (like I used to feel before Dr J and Lamictal).

I had just hit the wall and done too much. Oh well, now onward to a week of pulsed (oral) Mepron and Artemesinin, with IV Levaquin/Zith....

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