Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lyme Is An Anti-Social Disease

It's amazing what an anti-social disease Lyme is. You not only don't have the energy to go out but you don't feel like being social. It's just too much work and socializing (even small groups) can be overwhelming. For over a year I did not answer the phone, return emails, and avoided saying "Hi" to people.

I recently met a doctor who was studying Lyme and I asked him what we (Lyme patients) were like. He said, "Well Lyme patients seem normal at first, but after about 5 minutes you can see them get quiet, withdrawn and wilt." Sound familiar?

For me if I am at a social event and I start to get like this I just know to get out of there as it is usually a warning that I am overstimulated and within minutes can feel like an emotional and even irrational mess.

Now I must say that I am now soo much better on Lamictal, and having done a lot of Bartonella treatment. But, I can still find myself quieter than usual when socializing. People don't get it. They still have a hard time understanding why you just don't feel like being out in crowds or social gatherings.

Promise to blog more on my IV protocol (weeks 7 and onward) soon. It's hard to believe that I am about midway through Dr J's IV protocol.

I am happy to report that I am having more and more "normal" days and starting to actually look forward to the holidays.

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