Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Am Addicted To My PICC line

Okay, this is maybe for those of you out there who are thinking "I will NEVER do IV therapy." I was one of you. I was certain that I would get better quickly with oral antibiotics and herbs and supplements to detox and nourish my liver. I did acupuncture and inspirational tapes, and restorative yoga. I had conquered Lyme in the past, quite nicely with alternative therapies. I vowed that I would never have a PICC line in my arm.

Well one day, 9 months into oral antibiotics and holistic therapies (for Lyme, Babs and Bart), my best Lymie friend (an internet chick who has helped me navigate this illness more than any doctor/healer before), basically yelled at me, "P, this is not a life! You are living between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm."

She was right. It was that message that made me seek another opinion and get started on IV therapy. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Is it working? Yes. Maybe it is working too well.

I am seriously addicted to my IV. I enjoy the fact that when I infuse I can NOT do anything else and after it is done, if I am sleepy, people understand. I enjoyed being treated as a patient, instead of a malingerer, who couldn't seem to get better. I enjoy the sympathetic, kind looks I get from the airport screeners when they ask me to roll down the sock on my arm. They (the airport people) let me bring extra size liquids and always wish me love and good health. We Lymies don't get much of that.

I enjoy doing Lactated Ringer infusions early in the morning. They make me feel better and give me an excuse to sleep in, or if I do it later, an excuse to watch trashy television.

Can I do all of this without my IV? After my IV is out will I still get loving stares and some recognition that what we go through is hard? I don't know. All that I know is that for the first time (for over one year), I can add numbers, follow recipes, shopping lists and write medical blogs. I feel like retuning phone calls, having sex, and eating food. I can tolerate loud laughing (better) and don't get overwhelmed and teary when things go wrong. Keep posted as sooner or later it will be coming out!

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