Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short term Intravenous for Bartonella

After 5-6 weeks of Rifampicin and doxycycline and Azithromycin, much improved but not fully better. Symptoms that have improved: brain fog, memory, ambition, mood, shoulder pain and dental sensitivities. Initially all of these symptoms worsened but now are better than before Bart treatment. I have been more funcional from 10 am to 3 pm- but the nights are still horrible.... night sweats and cold chills with joint pain and a feeling of being poisoned. My mood had been great on Rifampicin but after doxycycline was added it gradually worsened. This is the second time that doxycycline has caused severe depression in me and when I looked at the literature there are clear reports of doxycycline-induced depression and psychosis.

I had (phone) consult with Dr S and he has advised that I do 4-6 weeks of IV Claforan, in addition to Azithromycin Monday through Friday and Flagyl on the weekends. He feels most of my symptoms are Bartonella and Claforan is much better for Bartonella than other IV drugs. He said the fact that I am having the sweats within hours of the Rifampicin and the hypersensitivities in my nerves (teeth) and mood variablity point to Bartonella. He is seeing improvements in patients with Bartonella symptoms with this protocol......I firmly believe most of don't get better because of untreated co-infections- particularly Bartonella.

I am having my line put tomorrow. I will continue to do Zhang herbs and my homeopathics. He also recommends Transfer factor which I am adding- will keep you I never thought I would do an intravenous but feel like it's time, for a short period.


  1. Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

  2. I have friends who were diagnosed with a Voll machine and treated for Bart for 2 months and are now finished with their treatment.

    "We took the field control therapy homeopathic signals."

    Do you have any thoughts about how people who are treating from all directions (western herbs, chinese herbs, homeopathics and allopathic drugs) can speak to people who get "cured" with 2 months of homeopathic signals?