Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catching a Cold: A Good Sign?

I was told (and experienced) that when you are very sick (with Lyme/Co-infections) your body will not recognize most viruses. The up side of this is that most people with chronic lyme (and chronic fatigue for that matter) do not catch colds and flus. Their immune system is too dysfunctional and overwhelmed to bother recognizing (trite) viral infections.

I view Lyme as a disease with layers. Until you treat Babesiosis and Bartonella you cannot begin to really rid the body of Lyme. And, until Lyme and Co's are treated, you can not get at Mycoplasma, and other chronic viruses harboring inside your cells/tissues.

Many people have chronic infections but if they are in good health there is no problem. For instance, Chicken Pox goes dormant, and only if you are under stress, aging, or worn down, will you get Shingles. Everyone accepts that. It is no surprise then that as you treat your Lyme and Co's you may not get fully better because of lingering (reactivated) EBV (Epstein Barr), HHV (herpes), CMV (Cytomegalovirus), or other viruses.... This is why many of us don't get fully better.

I do believe viruses are treatable but you can not begin to treat them until your Lyme/Co's are under control/gone. There are antivirals (not that great from my experience, but some people do get better with them. There are many herbal/homeopathic soulutions for viruses- Zhang uses Olive Leaf, there are many more (Berberine, Coptis, Clove Oil, Pleomorphics ....) And of course on top of all of this you must detox, (support the liver), heal the gut, and control (autoimmune) inflammations......It is a (solvable) puzzle, but no quick fixes.

So you can see why I was sort of excited when I finally caught a cold (first in 2 years), but unfortunately that unleashed my Mycoplasma, that I am now mopping up. I am however doing better now...nights are always worse -- why is that??

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