Friday, May 27, 2011

Indecision Can Be Deadly

This week a Lyme friend lost life from Lyme disease.

Sadly the typical cause of death from Lyme is suicide. Wendy had little support from her immediate family and was paralyzed with indecision about what treatment option to go with. She made the rounds to all of the best Lyme practitioners. Eventually weight loss and poor nutrition made an intense IV therapy dangerous, though it was offered eventually. I had arranged for a nutritionist and personal chef to provide companionship and food.

I told her father, a Lyme supporter, that she should have been hospitalized. "But where, he asked?" He told me the week her husband had taken to the best hospital in the Medical Mecca of Boston. But they did not know how to treat her. They do not understand chronic Lyme, though we live in the nation's Lyme belt.

I have been suicidal many times throughout my illness. Without a friend and husband I could have lost my way.

Her dad and I hope to start a Lyme prevention system in her honor. Starting with a nonprofit devoted to prevention and support for suicidal sufferers.

Do find a program that feels right and stick to it. Pay attention to your nutrition, detox, and hormones.

Most Lymies have some issue with weight, due to drugs, poor gut function, metabolism and hypothalmic dysfunction.

Stay positive, get support, stick to a program and if it is not working or doesn't feel right change directions with your practitioner or find another. I use a team of healers and physicians. My program works for me but everyone is different. There is no one treatment for Lyme disease. At least that's what I think today.

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