Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weeks 20-23 Protocol: IV Tygecycline and Oral Mycobutin

Okay I had to repeat Tigecycline (Tygacil). Unfortunately because I planned to travel for family vacation my plan changed and instead of 2 weeks between cycles I was to have only 1 week to recover from the very intense IV Tigecycline and Mycobutin (Rifabutin, orally).

I did my usual approach to Tigecycline: take it late, say 7 pm, and medicate myself so I sleep through the nausea (using Zofran, Compazine and Phenergan). Well it worked, in that I slept through the nausea, but the drugs to prevent nausea snowed me under so much that I turned into a bumbling nonfunctional Zombie. I had trouble focusing or doing anything for the next 2 days. I was nonfunctional and "spent." I felt toxic and discouraged. I was done with drugs. I could not look at the IV bottles or swallow another pill.

This is the lesson learned. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you are on a treatment plan and feeling toxic you may need to take a break or change course or up your detox. The trick is figuring out when you are toxic/nonfunctional from herxing and when it is drug related. From what I've learned, taking breaks during treatments gives you a chance to recover and gives your body a tune-up. I did IV vitamins (Meyer's cocktails), and IV Glutathione "pushes," (and yes you can do these with or without a PICC line).

After a week of recuperation and being off of all drugs, I had fun! I did Disney and Sea World with an 11 year old! We roller-bladed on Venice beach, and visited the stars at Madame Toussaud's. We had a great time and it was thrilling to enjoy life and a vacation, after nearly 2 years in bed. So, the Tigecycline, as horrible as it was, worked some magic.

After the excitement I caught a cold on the plan ride back home. My first cold in 2 years. It is said that Lyme patients never get colds, and if you get a cold it is a sign that the immune system is improving, and able to mount a response to a virus. Thrilling thought, but not so fun.

I have one more cycle of "Tiga" cycle to endure.....then almost time for my PICC line to come out. These treatments are tough, but for me have been the most effective.

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