Sunday, August 2, 2009

Juicing and Lyme

I have been doing a lot of juicing to support my immune system and I think it is helping. I am doing the best that I have since starting treatment- reliable mood, better energy, less sweats and even less joint pain.

I am still using IV Claforan with Penicillin injections once per week, this is covering Lyme and BLO (Bartonella Like Organisms). In addition I am taking Azithromycin Monday through Friday to treat L-forms and Flagyl on weekends to break up cysts.

I juice wheat grass every morning 1-2 oz and then during the day I juice a green drink made up of kale, cucumber, lime, sprouts, and whatever organic greens I feel like (Whole foods will give you free carrot and beet greens if you tell them you have a rabbit and call ahead).

I also still go to Chinatown and see the local acupuncturist MD (who takes insurance) and for Tui Na, (Chinese massage, costs only $40). I am always looking for affordable ways to treat this illness to pass on to you guys.


  1. Phuli, do recommend not juicing fruits, carrots or anything with a higher sugar content than greens?? Or no recommendation - anything that comes from the earth??

  2. Only if yeast is a big problem- I do add carrots at times.