Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Conquering Lyme!!!!!!!!

Well, that's a bold statement but I want the world to know that I am on the road back from Lyme world, four years later.

I have just returned from a great 4 nights away to Bermuda with my husband........wow, it was the first time that I felt "normal." I even drank a couple of Cosmo's and put away a bit of wine.

So many have emailed about how I am doing.......and what I am doing.

I am continuing on the same 4 days PULSED oral regimen every 3 weeks. That is, 1 week of M,W,F combined antibiotics, with a 2 week break in between. I am still taking Mycobutin (150 mg twice daily), Omnicef 300 mg (twice daily), Bactrim DS (1 1/2 tablets twice daily), with Flagyl (500 mg twice daily on Th and F). Other things like acupuncture, weight training, high protein diet, and supplements. I promise to go into more detail my supplements next post.

I am herxing less and less, (oddly, my worst herxes are 2-3 days after Flagyl). I rarely have noise intolerance, my emotions are much more stable and my mind is coming back. I am working on a 2 books and blogging about Women's health again. I think it will be a year before I attempt to return to giving workshops. I know I need to keep my things slow, get enough rest, (hard to do when you have years of life to catch up on). I need to consider my next phase of life carefully.

I'm working with a psychologist who specializes in PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Lyme illness is so devastating and life altering and there are so many emotions to deal with as you recover. Anger over people who weren't there, anger over the medical system, the financial toll, the toll on one's family....I could go on and on.

Stay strong, please.

The Limbic System and Chronic Lyme

Last update from me was in October! At that time I had had a difficult time controlling my Limbic system. Anyone with Chronic Lyme or who has a loved one with Lyme, should understand the Limbic part of the brain. It controls:

-Memory and learning
-Emotions, particularly anger, fear, and suicidal thoughts
-Hormone production and regulation
-Attention span and the ability to carry out tasks
-Hunger, thirst, sleep/wake cycles, and sexual function
-Fear and addiction
-The Autonomic nervous system, that regulates heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature

To get through Lyme treatments, no matter what treatments you are doing i.e. herbs, homeopathics, Rife, or antibiotics, you should support your Limbic system.

How? Check, support and monitor hormones. If necessary use seizure medications (Lamictal, Neurontin, and Clonopin) to help stabilize mood swings (suidical thoughts, phobias...

Some supplements that I found useful to help calm my brain have been Benfotiamine (lipid soluble thiamine), Methyl B12 injections, Deplin (high dose prescription methyl folate), Magnesium Glycinate, and calcium...